August 1, 2015

Where To Look When You Bowl

FOCUS, but not on the pins rather on the arrows.

Ideally, depending on how low you want to release the ball, you will look either at:

  • The arrows. A third of the way down the lane there are seven arrows in the shape of an arrow pointing towards the pins. Most people are going to lean towards looking at the arrows, just from what I’ve seen.
  • The dots. Halfway between the arrows and the foul line are a set of dots that are also intended to help you line up your shot and mark board numbers.
  • The foul line. The closer to the foul line you look, the lower you will (probably) release the ball. This means the ball will come off of your hand at say, three inches above the lane, instead of ten, if you look at the dots instead of the arrows. That’s assuming that everything else is constant, which it usually isn’t. The foul line is probably not going to be a factor. I have aimed at it per instruction, but it was an instruction intended for training rather than permanent use.

Where you look when you bowl will make you bowl better. I’ve seen amazing improvements in score (from 50 to 100 in one game) from just changing where you look. You’ll be more accurate and . . . this is just 1 of the little bowling secret. Don’t tell anyone . . . you’ll actually enjoy bowling more!

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